Oh, to go to a Concert in the Summer!

Just think, in about 3 months most everyone who wants to be vaccinated in the United states will be. We will be one step closer to going back to the way life was before the Covid nightmare began, I hope.

It’s so weird I can hardly think back to the time when I was at a concert and I could hardly move. I remember how much joy I got from hearing the music live and having the camaraderie with all the people around me who liked the same music I did.

The picture above is Michael Bublé surrounded by all his fans, not sure if this will ever happen again. All I know is that, if I was ever surrounded by that many people I didn’t know, I would freak out! Michael Bublé on the other hand looks very happy.

When you play the song below try to think of “leaving the Covid behind”. That should put a SMILE on your face. 😊

Just click to play: It’s a Beautiful Day