Look This Way

Together, We've Got This!

Why Are We Doing This?

This blog is to inspire myself and others to look in a more positive direction. It cannot be that hard, can it? There are truly so many positive things to be looking at that will help us deal with these unbelievably trying times. All you truly need to do is to “look this way”. I certainly hope this is true and by focusing on as many “good things” as I can and sharing them with you, it will not only help me but you, too. Help me, help you, help me. 🙂

 Over the next six months, I am going to try to back-off to what I refer to as the “Terrible Awful” or the daily news. I don’t want to turn my back on it totally, as I think that would be somewhat irresponsible and leave me somewhat ignorant of what is going on in this world today. This is something none of us can afford to do these days. I want to somehow create a balance of my good and the bad that will make me a stronger person than I am today. I am drowning in this negative environment and that needs to stop. Let’s find the strength to stop the negativity together and become better, nicer, kinder people and communities. They say the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. So, let’s find our way to stop the madness starting right now and Look this Way!!