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Making The World A Better Place by Inspiring Camaraderie throughout the World 

The Inspire Camaraderie Mission

Inspire Camaraderie is where friendship, joy and understanding come together to enrich your life and make the world a better place.  We do this by bringing people of all ages together through a wide range of events throughout the year.  Everything from educational speakers that inspire positive personal development & health, to events designed to simply bring people together to share a joyful experience that promotes camaraderie in the world.

Member Events

IC Free Member and Guest Events

Corporate Events

Strengthening your business by supporting your employee’s health and overall well-being through events that are designed to help promote the power of camaraderie throughout your company.

Our corporate events include the following:

20/20 Lunch and Learn

Getting Centered in the Workplace

Fun and Games


Group Concerts and Theater

Pet-Owner Experiences

Rock Star for a Day

Group Sporting Events

Anytime Yoga Stretch

Company Bowling Events

Group Outdoor Adventures

Company Fun Run Teams

Group Dine-Arounds

After Work Meet & Greet

For more detailed information on corporate events, please visit the IC Corporate Event page or contact us!

Why Choose Inspire Camaraderie

In today’s world, there is so much work to get done in a single day than ever before.  Many times, we don’t even look up from our workspace or take time to speak to other people in the office.  A workplace was once designed to bring people together is now doing the direct opposite in many cases.  With many workspaces not having walls, we have been forced to block out everyone else so that we can concentrate to get our heavy workloads done. Studies have shown that employees who feel camaraderie at work are more productive, happier and stay at their jobs longer.

Also, now there are so many options to just stay home on the weekends: the endless new TV shows, movies, playing video games online with friends and keeping up with your social media feeds can fill your entire weekend without even realizing it.  We now have fewer reasons to get out and really enjoy our lives.  We can shop, watch a movie or order food without ever having to leave the couch.  We need a reason to get out and leave all of that behind, build friendships in our community and workplace.

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