God on a Harley

A girlfriend gave me this book about 15 years ago and I still find the words from this book to be so true. Through the years, I have put it up where I can see it at my desk to remind me that I need to keep things in perspective and do my best to take care of myself. Over the years, several friends at work have asked me to make them a copy. Such wise words need to be shared.

  • Live in the moment, for each one is precious and not to be squandered.
  • Do not build walls for they are dangerous, learn to transcend them.
  • Take care of yourself first and foremost.
  • Drop the ego, be real and watch what happens.
  • All things are possible all of the time.
  • Maintain universal flow, when someone gives, it is an act of generosity to receive, for in the giving there is something gained.
  • Meditate and find me, then you will find you.
  • You are me and I am you, when you take care of you, you take care of me.

This book was published in 1995 by Joan Brady and is a short read. It may be pretty old, but it is still very relatable.

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