Corporate Events

Strengthen your business by supporting your employees health and overall well-being through events that are designed to help promote the power of camaraderie throughout your company. 

  • Plan an event for your entire company or just a department, let us know what works best for you. 
  • Your Employees can register for meetings and events online. 

Please see some of our corporate events below:

20/20 Lunch and Learn

Learn Something Positive Move Ahead! 
Fast and fun / Change tables every 20 minutes (Short Talks) 

Different topics every 20 minutes, such as:

  • Best way to start your day 
  • 21 Days of Happiness Challenge 
  • How food affects your day
  • Stand up and stretch, it can make a difference
  • The power of the 10-minute quiet time
  • General Health & Wellness 

We will give your digital device back after the meeting, we promise! 

Getting Centered: In the Work Place

Join the growing list of companies like Apple, Nike, Salesforce & Google that promote on-the-job meditation.  There are compelling reasons for employers to offer meditation, which generally focuses on helping employees to relax, improve their focus, productivity and reduce their stress levels.

Medical research has shown health improvements among individuals who meditate.  These improvements range from improved cardiovascular health to reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, helping employees avoid burnout and increase their coping and problem-solving skills.

Inspire Camaraderie will set the mood of room by setting up screens with peaceful scenes, filling the room with a relaxing spa-like aroma and soft lighting.  This can be easily set up in a conference room or any cafeteria type space in your building.

Inspire Camaraderie with then provide:

  • 10 to 15-minute walk-through meditation or meditation bell sessions throughout the day.  Of course,              we can just play soft meditation music throughout the day as well.

Volunteering | How can I help? 

hands in the air with blue sky

Once a quarter, we will meet up as a group at a local place in need of help in the Atlanta Metro area.  Giving back to people and missions in need will be done throughout the year.  The more we give, the happier we feel.  Volunteering increases self-confidence and gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride.  

For in the giving, the​​​​​​re is something gained.

There are so many places to volunteer in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs:

Atlanta Community Food Banks

Atlanta Children's Shelter

Habitat for Humanity

Open Hand Atlanta

Trees Atlanta

Big Brothers & Big Sisters

There are so many more volunteering opportunities, it's endless!

Rock Star for a Day!

larger group of people for photo shot
Group of young hipsters in black and white

On the cover of the Rolling Stones?  We will set up a place at your company with great backdrops and cool props to take individual and group photos.  Having a great photo for your desk or to post on your favorite social media outlets, reminds you and your friends of what a great place you work!

Fun and Games | From Bingo
to Bunco

On-site at your business or at an off-site venue. Sometimes the simplest things are
the best things!

Group Concerts and
Theater Events 

Whether it’s a play at the Fox Theater or a concert at the Roxy, we can set the
stage for fun!

Let us set up a Great Sporting Event Outing

Baseball, Basketball or Soccer, you name it and we can set it up. Then get ready for some fun!

Morning, Lunch Time or After-Work Yoga Stretch

30-minute Yoga Stretch | Scented Room, Lighting and Backdrop Scenes available

Sretching group

Beginning your day with some light stretching is a great way to start or end your day.  Releasing a little tension, even for 15 minutes a day helps your thought process and can improve your overall attitude.

I Work so my Dog can have a Better Life 

We will bring in a local dog expert to share tips on everything from the best food to buy for your best friend to teaching them simple things, like how to sit.

Company Bowling Events

Department against department or mix and match.  It is always good to meet someone new at work.  Having fun together can only
be a good thing!

Group Outdoor Adventures

We can do a One-day Group Nature Walk & Hiking Adventure or One-day Group Kayaking Trip.  It’s great to get outdoors and appreciate nature.  Let us help you explore the local Nature Centers and Gardens around Atlanta.   Also, we can arrange small biking group trips at local biking trails around your location.  

Company Teams at Fun Runs throughout town

We will sign your company team up and be on-site to bring everyone together! 

Group Dine Arounds - Appetizers, Dinner & Dessert

Experiencing three different restaurants 
in one evening.  

Meet and Greet after Work

We will setup something close to the office for drinks, fun & socializing.  Let us encourage your employees to learn more about each other.