Easy Morning Drinking!

Ok, so this drink is somewhat of an acquired taste but the benefits of drinking it so outweighs it’s not-so-great taste. I was drinking straight beet juice until my son told me to add a little OJ to it and it will taste a whole lot better! He was right! I tried it and now I like it. 😊

When I tell my husband I am drinking it, a look comes over his face as if I was drinking sour milk. While I realize that a lot of people just cannot bring themselves two go beyond what they are used to, when it comes to this little drink, maybe you should at least try and give it a chance. The benefits most certainly outweigh the drawback of the not-so-great taste.

Recipe70% Beet Juice & 30% Orange Juice (No need to drink more than a small glass each morning).

The Awesome Power of the Beet!!

Beet Juice Helps with: Lowering blood pressure, muscle power, helps slow dementia, increases stamina, helps to maintain a healthy weight, cancer prevention, potassium, reduced cholesterol and many more.

For more info go to:  Beat Juice – 11 Health Benefits

I promise if you can just drink this combo three to four times a week in the morning, you will get used to it and somehow grow to even like it.