Why We do this & Who We are

Mission Statement

Where friendship, joy & understanding come together to enrich your life and make the world a better place.  We do this by bringing people of all ages together, through a wide range of events throughout the year.  Everything from educational speakers that inspire positive personal development & health, to events designed to just simply bring people together to share a joyful experience that promote camaraderie in the world.

The days are moving so fast and so are we.

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Drop & Go Workplaces and Remote Working: 

With the creation of Drop & Go Workplaces and the new trend of Remote Working from home, forging Camaraderie at work has never been more difficult.  At Drop & Go Workplaces, workers move from desk to desk each day making is hard to establish any type of relationship with co-workers.  Many times, employees come in and put on their headphones so they can concentrate but this creates isolation from everyone else. 

This also makes it easier to be right next to someone and feel no obligation to talk or even acknowledge them.  These types of situations only increase the separation from person to person.  Also, working from home can be great for many reasons but it is another barrier from developing a Camaraderie with people.

Oh, the Relentless Pressure of Constant Change:

Just when you have learned that new software program, app or skill, there is something new that comes along that may replace it.  It’s hard to be comfortable and say, “I’ve got this”.  Inspire Camaraderie helps you know that you are not the only one dealing with these changes.

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Keeping a Clear Perspective and Focusing on the Good:

Inspire Camaraderie Events are designed to help you get to know other people, learn about other people’s lives, feel connected and have a sense of belonging.  Our events are centered around learning useful information and providing experiences that will make your life better and teach you new ways to cope with this ever-changing world.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere of Camaraderie through the website, blog and events were people can build long-lasting friendships no matter their age or race.  We all have so much to share and learn from one another!

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Oh, the Mesmerizing Cell Phone & the Draw of Binge-Watching TV:

We are never without our phones and when we put them down, there is no limit to what we can watch on the Internet or on TV.  These media’s make it harder to meet people and tends to isolate us off from the world.  Children and Teens have been seriously affected by the cell phone and media.  In many ways, they have been robbed of learning the needed social skills for personal interaction.  Inspire Camaraderie is a safe place for young and old to meet, help and learn from each other.

When Soccer comes to an End:

What happens when the soccer, baseball and other sports end for some reason or your kids go off to college?  Many of the friendships you had through these activities can end and your friendships fall to the wayside.  This can leave a big space in your life.  Inspire Camaraderie is the perfect way to keep up with all the good things life has to offer and meet a new group of friends to get out and have fun with.

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About us:

A lifetime of events:

After many years in the Meetings & Special Event industry producing events for companies such as: AFLAC, HP, Gulfstream, Carters, Cox Communications, Toyota & Lexus Car Shows and many more, I have learned just about everything there is to know about the event industry.  I’ve planned events from 10 people to 10,000, I feel like I have done it all.  Working with so many great people over the years and having the opportunity to travel to so many wonderful places has been such a blessing.  Producing events has given me the opportunity to show my creative side and has taught me to be a highly organized person.

Growing up in a dysfunctional household of alcoholism, resentment, disarray and having to struggle with Dyslexia before it was really understood, can have a definite effect on your view of your life and the world.  We all must learn to go beyond the difficult times and learn how to overcome the things we cannot change.  It can take a long time in life to learn to keep everything in perspective and do your best to just keep moving forward. 

In this day and time, it seems that people are growing more and more apart.  Hopefully, by offering this type of company, we will bring people together to help fill that growing gap.  What makes the hard times better and the good times even more special, is having Camaraderie with others.