Daily Archives: April 6, 2021

Oh, to go to a Concert in the Summer!

Just think, in about 3 months most everyone who wants to be vaccinated in the United states will be. We will be one step closer to going back to the way life was before the Covid nightmare began, I hope. It’s so weird I can hardly think back to the time when I was at […]

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My Octopus Teacher, No Really?

OK, so I’m admitting that even the name of this Netflix documentary seems a little hokey. Really, My Octopus Teacher? I was waiting for my husband to get dressed and was cruising Netflix for something to watch and I decided to take a look. During the film, the Craig Foster keeps saying that he did […]

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Easy Morning Drinking!

Ok, so this drink is somewhat of an acquired taste but the benefits of drinking it so outweighs itโ€™s not-so-great taste. I was drinking straight beet juice until my son told me to add a little OJ to it and it will taste a whole lot better! He was right! I tried it and now […]

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